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Elite Gournet 4.5QT. Automatic Stirring Popcorn Maker

Elite Gournet 4.5QT. Automatic Stirring Popcorn Maker

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Popcorn is a delicious and healthy way to enjoy a snack at any time with family and friends. You can eat it plain for a healthier snack or indulge with butter or other seasonings. It is the perfect addition to any dinner party, backyard BBQ or movie night at home. The Elite Gourmet Hot Air Popcorn Maker uses a nonstick heating plate which increases performance and insulates the body of the popper to fully pop up to 4.5-quarts of popcorn in about 4 minutes. Features include the transparent cover which not only allows you to see the kernels pop, but also transforms into a family-sized serving bowl when popping is complete. When popping is complete, simply flip the machine upside down and the cover is now a serving bowl for your snack. The simple ON/OFF button of the popcorn maker activates the heating surface and rotates the stirring rods, keeping the kernels moving to pop all of the kernels and prevent burning. When finished, the non-stick heating surface is easy to clean and the dual-purpose cover and serving bowl is top-rack dishwasher safe.
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